Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pain, Massage & New Perspectives For My Dream

Pain: on Sunday morning in Mysore style class, something happened to my back. When I started rolling in Garbha Pindasana, a little right to the small of my back, something all of a sudden hurt. Not too hard but it's not something you can just ignore. I still finished my practice because it only hurts when my back is in certain angles or when pressure is directly put on that point that hurts.

Monday was a moon day so good for me and my back! It was well spent, first writing on my seminar paper, later visiting a friend and doing stupid, fun stuff in his pool with a few people. When it started getting dark we watched movies in the garden. I'm the one in pink :)

Yesterday I practiced again at it was kinda okay, but very slow and I didn't do jump backs and jump throughs because I didn't want to disturb my back/spine too much in this condition. I could do all the asanas in Primary except for Garbha which hurt like hell when I tried to see if it was possible and the one after Matsyasana (sorry, don't know all the names by heart yet).

Massage: in about 30 minutes I have an appointment for a PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE! :) It was a birthday present that I got last October so I need to use the gift coupon anyways anytime soon and now is the perfect time that my back feels messed up and stiff.

New Perspectives: A couple of weeks ago my teacher said she was thinking about training some assistants to help adjusting people during her classes (not teach lessons) because her shala is getting more and more popular (she only opened it in February)!
I made a joke about being interested in doing that in 5 years when my practice is steady and experienced. She then said that I should definitely come to the training when it takes place and I was flabbergasted. Me? An Ashtanga baby? No way...
But yesterday she mentioned to me that she's been wanting to talk about it to me but she's still not certain when it takes place. Probably sometime in September when school/university are back in business and working adults aren't on holiday anymore. She said she could imagine me doing this very well and thinks I'm well suited.
I feel so... I don't even know... just so honoured! Even if I'm not going to be her assistant the training alone will have so many benefits. So many new things to learn. The most important thing is that it is a step forward towards my dream of becoming a yoga teacher one day :)



  1. Hi, Tanja! How is your back pain now? Did it subside after the massage you had? If it goes seriously bad, I believe you should see an orthopaedic doctor that can help you manage a maintenance treatment for your back pain. Don’t do anything that could push your body to its limit. It might worsen the pain. Let your body rest for a while as well.

    @ Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

    1. Hi Sienna! My back pain has been fading away gradually ever since. I have refrained from doing the movement in which the injury happened for about a month and that definitely helped. It's gone 99% and I guess soon 100%

  2. It’s good to hear from you, Tanja! Complete rest after having a massage will surely help in recovering faster. However, there are instances that you will feel back pain, though all you've been doing is sitting or standing for long periods of time. Sometimes, all you need to do is stretch it out, and the pain will go away.

    Doug Forgey

  3. Pain is never a good sign. It’s a good thing that you had a coupon from your last birthday. At least you didn’t have to bear the pain that long. Plus, you were able to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a massage. Hopefully there aren't anymore instances of pain flaring up unexpectedly since last year. Cheers!

    Wesley Fletcher @ MassagePulse