Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I Really Need To Wail Right Meow

Fuck. I haven’t felt so much pain in my body for a long time. The part a little right to the small of my back that I injured (or whatever it was that happened there) on Sunday: It. Hurts. So. Much.
I went to the shala anyways but already in Surya Namaskara A I knew it would be one of the hardest practices ever. I could literally bend forward as much as a 90 year old lady who’s never done yoga or stretching in her life.
I had to modify everything. I left out the Vinyasas between sides in the seated postures and on the right side I could mostly just sit in whatever position my foot was for five breaths. On the left side I could bend forward somehow but obviously not as deep as usual.
I moved so slowly.
I stopped after Baddha Konasana and did three half Urdhva Dhanurasanas. Then I lay there, considering shoulder stand but in the blink of an eye I knew that it didn’t make sense. I skipped to the Padmasana positions and Uth Pluthi was barely off the floor.
Several times I almost started crying because of the pain. Today’s practice was a lot about self-control.
After 15 minutes of final relaxation (I usually lie there 10 minutes max) where I also almost started to cry I got up and my teacher told me I’d done so well. That I will learn so much from this injury. Then I really started crying and she hugged me closely and comforted me. The crying was really quick and silent but it needed to come out.
Now I also belong to those people who’ve had to cry because of Ashtanga.


  1. Sorry to hear your back is making so much trouble. Be very careful if you practice, back pain can be as unforgiving as knee pain, if it doesn't get rest.
    On the other hand, your teacher is right... injuries are strangly good (and sadistic) teachers. Hope you feel better soon :-)

    1. thanks for your kind words!

      yeah, i moved so slowly and with so much attention in yesterday's practice... funny (or not), how it made me be a lot more focussed on my own practice than usual :)

      today i'm taking a rest day and tomorrow i will decide whether i practice depending on how my back feels.