Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Berlin Has The Best Vegetarian Doner Kebabs

If you were wondering if I've given up my Ashtanga blog after only 10 posts I don't blame you, because I haven't posted in 2 weeks. Somehow I was too stressed out by my final week of the semester and then I flew to Berlin with a good friend for 4 days. I barely practiced asana. Somehow all the stress of uni fell off of my shoulders and with it came a huge desire to be lazy and chill out.

In Berlin we ate amazing food and discovered the streets mostly by foot. The best thing you will find to eat that is typical for Berlin are doner kebabs. But because most Ashtangis are vegetarian, they can only take falafel kebabs. But we found Mustafas Gem├╝se Kebab (Mustafas Veggie Kebab) at the tube station 'Mehringdamm' in the district Kreuzberg. It's a huge thing to eat but it's the most amazing and lovely vegetarian doner you could imagine. The have about 10 different vegetables and roasted potatoes in it, as well as feta cheese and a choice of 3 different homemade sauces. There was an unbelievably long queue in front of the tiny booth because everyone loves them so much.

I returned back home exhausted and happy and it took me until yesterday to finally practice asana again. I was afraid I had lost muscle, but I didn't feel a lot weaker than before and my flexibility hasn't suffered. I could even grab my toe on the second side of ardha baddha padmottanasana which was only the second time ever!

Today's practice was a different affair. I felt like a sack of flour! I only did the chatarungas in the sun salutations, later I cobra'ed out everything, haha. Tomorrow I'll be so sore. Still, I'm looking forward to my next practice, because asana has driven away the laziness that stuck to me since the semester ended and today I almost bound in Mari D! The tips of my fingers touched and I wasn't assisted :)

How do you keep up a steady asana practice when you go on holiday (and might be especially exhausted by walking around a big city all day)?


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