Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Workshop wit Kino and Tim in Copenhagen: BOOKED!

I have not yet registered it completely. I say it's because of the ability to book flights, hotels and workshops online nowadays so you keep sitting on your bed in front of your laptop and after entering a few letters and numbers it's done. You don't have to visit a travel agency. If you don't print out your receipts or flight details there's no physical sign present that you're going to make this journey.

It needs a little time to sink in, but rationally I can say I'm very happy I booked the workshop with Kino and Tim and I am so grateful that I am able to afford flying to a different country to practice with my biggest female Ashtanga inspiration :)

I'm doing the weekend workshop only (I don't have that much money, haha) and it consists of these classes:

Friday: 'Seminar: Build your foundation - The standing postures'

Saturday: 'Guided class' and 'Seminar: Twist into your center'

Sunday: 'Guided class' and 'Seminar: Inversions, headstands & arm balances'

Now, the big question is: will you be there?

Details can be found HERE.


  1. You're coming to Denmark?!? Nice!!!

    1. yeah, i'm really looking forward to it :) i hope it's nice weather.

      i justed googled Rødovre....do you really live THAT near to Christianshavn?? that's where i'm gonna stay, we could meet up! :)

    2. I live about 10km from inner city and I go to school there. Yeah lets do that! As for the weather it'll likely be a tad rainy because that's just how we rule xD

    3. well, as long as the rest of the trip is nice, it doesn't matter if it rains. it'll be so nice to be near the sea though, haven't been in a while.

      that's so cool, you'd be the first person ever that i started talking to online and then met in real life. it seems like we would get along, i think!

  2. I so wish I could go, I love Kino so much! Take lots of notes in the workshops and then tell us, ok?

    1. yes, i will take 5682437650283658023486 notes and photos! :)