Saturday, 18 May 2013

Past week's practice & 4th anniversary of Guruji's passing.

This week a lot of things happened in practice and I feel like writing down an overview.

Sunday - 20 minutes creative flow at home
Monday - 30 minutes creative flow at home
Tuesday - 90 minutes Primary Series led class up to Navasana
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 80 minutes Mysore style up to Supta Kurmasana :)
Friday - 90 minutes Primary Series led class up to Navasana

As you can see, in the beginning of the week I was still sore from the intense practice the week before and that's why I couldn't get myself to practice Ashtanga. But still, any practice is better than no practice.

The three times I practiced Ashtanga I registered some things that seem to become regular. First of all, in Prasarita Padottanasana A, B, C & D I can put my head on the floor on my own. B & C are the novelties here. Also, binding the tips of my fingers in Marichyasana D with assistance is happening in each practice. On the 2nd side I can almost do it on my own. I'm doing less and less chatarunga+to the floor+cobra and more and more regular chatarunga+up dog in the transitions between asanas and sides. Jump throughs are evolving as well. Right now they function like this: I jump my legs forward, crossed, the toes come to the floor between my hands a little and then I slide them forward. Then I lower my butt.

In Thursday's Mysore practice, my back-bending was great! After Urdhva Dhanurasana on the floor I prepared bending back for when my teacher would assist me in a drop back. She watched me and then she said. 'You can go way deeper. Bend your knees', so I did, and then she held me and told me to put my hands in prayer and then just lower back down from there. We did that twice. It was great and woah I think my spine has never bent back that deep! :D

On another note, today is the 4th anniversary of Guruji's passing. I did not know about Ashtanga until December 2012 but have read a lot about him and watched videos of him since. He seems to have been such a peaceful and intelligent man, the way he was treating different students differently and knew exactly how to crush the different egos in different ways. It's sad that I could not practice with him but I would have been too young to travel to India on my own, anyway. Four years ago I was only 18 and had no money, hehe.

I think of Guruji's as a kind of teacher from afterlife and there are many great teachers out there who will pass on his genius method of Ashtanga yoga. I'm very grateful he wrote Yoga Mala which I am currently reading.

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