Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My first article for elephant journal!

One day I was feeling adventurous and wrote an article for elephant journal.

Today it has been published.

I have mixed feelings because what do I have to say, I haven't even practiced Ashtanga for a full year!

I'd be very happy if you gave it a read anyways, because some of you might relate and some of you might be reminded of how it felt being in this extremely enthusiastic beginner-phase.

Diary of a Baby-Ashtangi

Have fun and leave comments, over there and here as well :)



  1. Congrats on your Elephant article! I have yet to publish anything on Elephant, so you are ahead of the curve here :-) I'll go read your article now.

    P.S. Blogger has finally allowed me to put your blog on my blogroll.

    1. That's awesome!

      And thanks for reading my article. I'm sure if you wrote one, everyone would like it because you never fail to joke a round a little on your blog :)