Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mari Dee, Bhuja-Pee and dropping back!

Excuse my 'fun' title but I'm feeling really cheerful and calm and content right now.

I'd been debating all day whether I should go to the shala and practice because I woke up with the beginning signs of a cold. I wore a scarf and jumper even though everyone else was rocking their shorts and skirts. My head felt okay, so did my nose. Somehow, only my throat and right ear felt weird.

But then I remembered: yesterday my teacher suggested trying my first drop-back into Urdhva Dhanurasana but I said I felt a little dizzy but would love to try it soon. Well, that's what made my decision to go to practice.

Somehow I could do all the postures up to Marichyasana D very smoothly (for my standards, y'know, it's not like I could enter all of them in the correct Vinyasa count already). Then my teacher assisted me for Mari D where I could clasp the tips of my fingers on both sides. Next, Bhujapidasana, which has just recently been added to my practice. I can already balance with my feet crossed but tipping over and putting my head on the floor on my own is not possible yet. I think my forehead would crash into the floor VERY hard haha.

Then, the big moment: I prepared with several backbends lying down and also bending back from standing as far as I can on my own. Then she came over and prepared me with a few more dynamic back-and-forths and - whoohee - gently let me down. I stayed there, pretty stable, for five breaths and then she pulled me up.

It was so nice and it kinda reminded me of being on a joyride that goes upside down.

I wish you all a nice moon day tomorrow!

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