Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bryan Kest, Garbha and stupid insects in my belly?

There have been so many things happening this week and I just didn't have the strength to blog in the evenings once I was home. Mainly, this week's been about asana, meditation, university and hypothetical butterflies.


I practiced Ashtanga on Monday and Thursday only (will practice on Sunday again) because on Tuesday, I was spontaneously invited to a Yoga-Night with Bryan Kest. I only know he's fucking famous and that he invented the name 'Power Yoga', so it was very interesting to listen to his 1 hour long talk before practice. The main things that could be interesting for you:

  • If he had a chance to rename 'Power Yoga', he'd do so immediately. He's really trying to find a good name to express what he wants to give to people with his yoga method. He explained that with 'Power Yoga' he did not mean the physical part of getting fit and toned through yoga, but the mental aspect, the power that grows inside of you when yoga is practiced with the right mindset.
  • His way of explaining yoga philosophy was very well adapted to a rich, western society (Swiss people) and as far as my knowledge and understanding of yoga philosophy goes, he did a great job explaining the essential parts.
  • He explained why he's cursing and burping a lot. I loved his explanation: yoga teachers receive so much critic, people are judgmental about them, but yoga should help you become less judgmental, thus the cursing and burping - it definitely tests how you respond to a human being (who happens to be a (good) yoga teacher) acting like a human being.
  • He also explained why he makes his classes so physically challenging. The simple reason for this is because then, people of all levels have to confront their ego. There is NO shame in modifying.
So, yeah, I modified a lot, and I realized that I am absolutely fine with this! It was still one of the most exhausting yoga classes I've ever taken (it felt more exhausting than Ashtanga!). On Wednesday I was so sore, I didn't practice.

On Monday, my teacher gave me Garbha Pindasana (posted about this) and on Thursday I arrived to class with shorts on so I could get my hands through. I could easily slide them through but then lost balance and rolled on my back :D I just lay there, chuckling, until my teacher rolled me back up and helped do the 9 rolling movements. Oh, and in Kurmasana I could come to the floor with my head and chest for the first time.


At Bryan Kests Yoga-Night he also held a led meditation and the technique he used was 'Gratitude-Meditation'. It's super simple. Just think about all the things you're grateful for. Everything. Once you start it gets easier and easier, you think of so many things you never think about. The next night I used this technique again because I'm so far from being able to have an empty mind when meditating and it leaves you feeling so good. I even thought: 'I'm grateful that my eyes can see, even though I'm short-sighted and annoyed by it a lot. I'm grateful I'm not blind'.


I'm kind of a lazy high-achiever? I don't know what else I can call it. My uni-things are always messy and creased with lots of drawings on them. I have a few seminars where I barely pay attention. But on the other hand, there are a few seminars where I am SO good. Of course this is because they hit my interest-spot. In one of them I am working at a publication with a few of the most amazing professors from my uni and we're doing research and everything and woooow. I will be published in an important book after I've only been studying for 4 semesters (Bachelor). The main professor who leads the project even used to lecture at Brown university (yes, the famous one!).

Hypothetical butterflies:

Ugh. I am an idiot and nerd at handling crushes and stuff. I have no idea about the 'rules' of dating. I am good at hooking up on a night out, IF I want to (I am a classy lady). But dating? Or even realizing if someone is into you? FAIL. The worst thing this time: the person I've taken an interest into and I are in a constellation that is pretty weird. He's my tutor.


  1. Since you are honest enough to admit your weird-constellation crushes on your blog, I'll admit that I've also had similar experiences from the other side of the divide (I've had crushes on a couple of students before). But generally, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to follow through on these things. At any rate, if you really feel like you have to do something, at least wait till the semester's over. Thanks for bearing with this unsolicited advice.

    1. well, next friday the semester's over...i wouldn't even consider following through if i didn't feel like he's taken a like in me too. and we're about the same age.
      i don't know what exactly i'm going to do though.

      thanks for your advice, it's good to hear it from the other side :)

  2. I love Bryan Kest, on days when I feel too up in my head to fathom getting through Primary his on demand site is my go to place. Sometimes I guess I just need simple and strong plus someone else telling me what to do lol